Individual sessions last 50 minutes and take place weekly on the same day and time each week unless otherwise agreed. I work with clients on an open-ended basis, which means that you may cease our work together at any point when you feel ready. I do request that once we have agreed to work together that you try to commit to at least 12 sessions. This is to allow enough time to evaluate the impact of our work together. Similarly, I request that we meet for at least one final session after you have notified me of your decision to leave. This is to ensure that we can bring our work together to a close in a therapeutically sound way. However, it is always your choice to end our work together whenever you see fit, and you are under no obligation to attend 12 sessions initially or to attend a final session if you do not wish to. 

I am committed to offering good ethical practice. I am a member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). I am bound by its code of ethics and practice and subject to its complaints procedure. My membership number is 00956975. If you are unhappy with my services, you can contact the BACP on 0870 443 5252. My insurance includes both indemnity and public liability.

The content of our sessions is confidential to you and me. I will need to discuss my work in clinical supervision in line with BACP’s code of ethics and practice. I may use your first name but will not use identifying details about you in these discussions. I make brief notes after each session, which helps me to monitor my work. These notes are securely stored.

If I believe you will cause serious physical harm to yourself or another person, I may not be able to maintain confidentiality and in that instance may need to notify my supervisor and your GP and other relevant authorities. I will also not be able to maintain confidentiality if compelled by a court of law. I will endeavour to notify you if I need to break confidentiality for any reason.


I require at least 72 hours’ notice if you wish to cancel a session. Except in the case of emergency, if less that 72 hours’ notice of cancellation is given you will still be liable for the full fee. If I have not heard from you within 15 minutes of a session’s start time, I will assume you are unable to attend and the session will be cancelled. You will still be liable for the full fee.  

In the event that I am unable to make our session together I will give you as much notice as possible. In such instances, I will endeavour to offer you an alternative time to meet. You are under no obligation to meet at an alternative time and are not liable for the fee if you do not wish to reschedule. 

I endeavour to check my emails twice daily – once at the beginning of the workday and once at the end. I do not check emails over the weekend. As such, I may not always be able to respond promptly to emails. If you are experiencing severe emotional or mental distress which cannot wait until our next session or that requires immediate attention, please speak to your GP to request an emergency appointment or visit your local A&E.

If by chance we happen to see each other in public or online spaces outside of a session, I will by default choose not to acknowledge you. This is to respect your privacy and the confidentiality of our work together. Should you wish to say hello you are welcome to do so, but please note that I am unlikely to engage in any conversation longer than a greeting.



You will be invoiced at the end of each calendar month for the sessions which have taken place during that month. Invoices must be paid within seven days; failure to do so may impact our ability to schedule future sessions. If you foresee any issues with payment, please notify me as soon as possible. Please note that I will review my fee structure from time to time, but you will be given at least three months’ notice of any change to fees.

I offer sessions on a sliding scale based on your own financial and / or life circumstances. I’ve included descriptions which match to three different price points in order to help you decide where on the scale you fit. If you feel that your circumstances fall somewhere between these descriptions, please let me know as we may be able to agree on a rate which is suitable for your unique circumstances.


You might pay FULL PRICE (£75 per session) if:

  • You are able to comfortably meet your basic needs
  • You own your own home or rent at the higher end
  • You are employed and / or do not need to work to meet your basic needs
  • You have access to savings
  • You have disposable income
  • You can easily afford to buy new things and participate in leisure activities
  • You can easily afford holidays and to take time off when you need to


You might pay REDUCED PRICE (£60 per session) if:

  • You may stress about meeting your basic needs but still regularly meet them
  • Your rent or mortgage takes up a noticeable chunk of your income but you still have enough left over to do some nice things
  • You may have debts but it doesn’t prohibit you from meeting your basic needs
  • There are people in your life who can support you financially if things go wrong
  • You are employed
  • You have some disposable income
  • You can buy new things and participate in leisure activities but you have to budget to do so
  • You can take holidays but it is not always affordable


You might LOW COST*(£30 per session) if:

  • You stress about meeting your basic needs and don’t always meet them
  • You live in social housing, shared accommodation or have unstable housing
  • You have debts which can stop you from affording your basic needs
  • You are unemployed or low waged  
  • You have no access to savings
  • You rarely buy new things because you can’t afford to
  • You cannot take a holiday or time off without financial burden  


* Please note that I am only able to see a limited number of clients at a low cost rate, and there may be a waiting list to access therapy with me at this rate. If there is a waiting list, I am also happy to signpost you to other therapists / organisations that offer low-cost therapy who may be able to see you sooner.