About Individual Therapy

People often turn to therapy because they are suffering, or they want to make sense of their lives and the challenges they’re facing. Therapy is an opportunity to unburden yourself and explore your thoughts and feelings with someone who is present and compassionate but at a distance from your life. I am not a friend or a family member. From this critical distance, I can offer thoughts and observations about patterns of behaviour or faulty beliefs which may be difficult for you to see. 

Above all, therapy is an opportunity to develop the skills we need to lead a rich and meaningful life: the ability to self-reflect, to be compassionate to ourselves and others, to act with authenticity, and to find beauty and joy in our life as it is now in this moment. 

We’ll meet on a regular basis (usually weekly) for 50 minutes. Through our work together, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect more deeply on your life – your relationships, your hopes and ambitions, and your dilemmas and challenges.

No Availability

I am afraid that I do not have any availability at the moment and am not taking on any new clients. If you are looking for a therapist who is queer, trans, and / or polyamory affirming you may wish to visit the Pink Therapy directory.